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The abstractionism

The abstractionism is one of the directions in art including the painting. Its adherents declared the whole refusing from imaging the real shapes of objects and paying attention to their own feelings and thoughts, and feelings of the spectator. Abstractionism was found at the beginning of the 20th century as a direction in painting. Its founders are told to be Kandinsky and Malevich. The second person is the author of famous “The Black Square” whose riddle has been exciting the art-judgers for more than 100 years already! The Cubism is very close to this direction. It has a bit anticipated the abstractionism. Its adherents imaged the real objects with the only help of the simple geometrical shapes intersecting in the most unexpected ways and combinations.

What is the secret of the abstract paintings’ attractiveness? What makes us peer in the compositions of colors and shapes? They seem to be senseless and they don’t have anything in common with the real, material and tangible world. The special attractiveness of the most talented abstract creations consists of the absolutization of humans emotions and the inside world. It turns to be much more important than real material world. One more point is the opportunity to have a look inside ourselves finding the answers to the questions such as “Who are we”, “Where’ve we come from”, “What kind of people are we”. One more surprising point of the abstract creations is the individuality of the emotions coming from them for every person as the inside world of every person is unique.

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