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The name of the direction is reduced “popular art”. Its characteristic point is active using of mass cultural images.

The founders of this direction are told to be the members of the “Independent Group” which was working in London in 1950-s. Despite, pop-art became popular and took place as a direction only under the influence of American artists, such as Rautpenberg, Warhol, Lihtenstein, Vesselman, etc. Pop-art lets the artists to express the reaction on the modern urban environment which is crowded with the symbols of the mass culture. These symbols are being rethought in sarcastic way and often get depreciated. The most popular tools are collage, photographic reproduction, imitation of the billboards, and the waxworks of products. The artists of this direction make popular such phenomenon as installation, video-art, and the assemblage.

Pop-art played an important role in history of fine arts. It became a transition between abstractionism and “the new avant-garde”.

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