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The architecture and the painting were closely connected with each other. Nowadays when the artificial painting is the main thing in arts it’s essential to look at the picture independently on the place it is situated in. However, it was another way earlier. Ancient Russian fine arts can be named as a characteristic sample of the connection between architecture and fine arts. The special point is that murals are printed on the church walls. The walls and the figures are becoming the one thing. They found some ensemble. Can we imagine these walls without paintings or paintings separable from the walls? And can we exactly say where the foundation is and what is the decoration? Where is the talent of an architect and where is the work of an artist?

Nowadays the connection between these things is indubitable. In the modern world painting is connected with other kinds of art very deeply. Any direction firstly appeared in fine arts can easily pass into the music, the literature or of course the architecture. Nowadays it’s impossible to classify any direction as an architectural one or devoted only to the fine arts.

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