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Fantastic painting

Fantastic painting or a kind of fiction in fine arts is quite a new direction in painting. Many people have associations with the pictures to science fiction novels. Actually there is some literary basis. But this direction doesn’t demand some definite plot or a series of fairy-tale heroes. The only landscape can be enough to create the special world. The artists of the direction are connected with the idea of their unique or at least more interesting inside world. This fact doesn’t depend on the plot. The fantasy of every person is strictly individual; but psychologists use to say that fantasy and inside world of different people are quite similar. That’s why fantastical painting is interesting in case it seems real or the plot of the picture is similar to the truth. First samples of this direction appeared in the 18th century. We can name the works of Fezelly as the examples. However fantastical painting hasn’t become notable during the century. Its popularity began to grow only at the beginning of the 20th century.

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