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The men’s portrait

The name of the genre “portrait” appeared from the French “to image exactly”. Its’ aim is clear: the portrait painting played a role of the photo when there were no photos invented. We have knowledge about the exterior of historical personalities, poets, artists, famous politicians, and military leaders. We can notice that there are more women’s portraits than men’s ones, analyzing the quantity among the portraits written. There are several reasons of it, but the main point is an ability of women’s portraits to decorate the interior. That’s why accessorize, clothes, surrounding area and of course an attractive appearance are so important. The personality of the model is not so important even if it plays the positive role. It can be “the general’s wife” or “the politician’s daughter”. The men’s portraits are more characteristic. They reflect social status and character. The model is showed as a person. Such portraits are popular nowadays too. We can remember the portrait of Kutuzov by R. Volkov and the portrait of Derzhavin by S. Tonci.

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