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The mountain landscape

Not only are the images of mountains and rocks connected with the direction named the mountain landscape. This term includes surrounding areas, such as trees, sky, greens and the humans’ dwelling.

The mountain landscape is very interesting for modernists. Mountains are told to be exotica in Russian fine arts. We can name such points as broken lines, bright colors, monumental painting. It’s hard to remember any other direction which gives such a freedom to imagination.

The mountains attract artists with a special manner. For romantic painters this theme means a mystery and the greatness. Such painters are oriented on the searching of the century truth. Their poetry is devoted to ancient times. The mountain landscape is the best way to express their ideas because the mountain is also a symbol of God. It is monumental and close to the Sky. Such landscape is able to give a feeling of benefits.

The theme of mountains can be seen in works of such masters as Van Gog, Gogen, Friedrich, Churlenis. Works of Chinese artists are also interesting. They use to write in “mountains and water” style.

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