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Thematic composition

The Latin word “composition” means the union of several separated parts to the one common object according to the idea. If we speak about the term in fine arts or in arts (generally) composition means a way to build a creation connected with its aim and character.

The meaning of the term for fine arts is directly connected with the possibility to express the idea and the concept of the painting exactly and naturally.

The paintings impress us so greatly namely because of the composition even if they were painted at the different epochs and devoted to the different genres. If we try to change something in them, for example, the sequence of figures, the composition will break, the harmony will leave, and the whole painting will lose its charm. We can devote different paintings (for genre and idea) to the thematic composition. For example, they can be “Boyarinya Morozova” by Surikov or “The Hunters on the Snow” by Gogen.

Besides the thematic composition can mean a direction appeared in 1920th which is connected with social realism and oriented to the main characters, monumental and severe style.

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