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Age - 62

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Alexander Alexandrovsky.
Born in 1951 in Pushkin, St. Petersburg.
A true master and a very famous Vintage style painter Alexandrovsky studied at St. Petersburg Academy of Art named after I.Repin. He attended classes of professor Ugarov from 1983 to 1989 and finished it with flying colors.
Being a member of Russian Union of Artists since 1996 Alexandrovsky is a constant participant of a project ???Holy lands of Russia??« which is devoted to the national holy spots around Russian Federation. Many of them have found reflection in his artworks.
Also the painter is a member of art group of Union of Artist called ???Enchanted Pilgrim??«. Every year a group of artists travels to the very old towns of Russia for discovering and learning about distant life of remoted places of the country which gives a perfect opportunity for them to work ???plein air??«, find the very true colors and express the love for native land in painting.
Today the painter is extremely famous for his unique and inimitable manner. Although he works in very different genres, from landscape to still life, his remarkable style makes these artworks true masterpieces.
During his art career Alexandrovsky participated in various art exhibitions locally, around the world including the one of New York Academy of Art in 1989. The painter continues his contribution in different art events on the regular basis. Private collections in Russia, Spain, France and USA are proud owners of his paintings. In St. Petersburg ???Moyka, 100??« Exhibition Centre owns his works in its permanent collection.

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