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Age - 72

Address: ??????, ?????-?????????

Maria Podverbnaya was born in 1941 in a small town near Kostroma, in the very heart of Russia.

In 1964 she graduated with honors from the Pedagogical Institute, Kostroma (Russia), class of graphic arts. For a few years Maria worked as a teacher of literature in a small school on the bank of Volga-river. Academical education gave her a great knowledge in art, yet the real art school for the artist was the nature around, the beauty of Volga river, the people and the Russian enviroment itself. Those were the base to develope and fulfil her enourmous art potencial.

Maria's paintings are regarded to naive style, bringing up smiles and amazing feeling of life full of fairy-tales.

No wonder, she her artworks gained popularity in all countries: all her works have the sign of traditional Russian school but the joy and happiness they hide is international.

She has participated in 62 various art exhibitions locally in Russia and Europe.
Nowdays Maria??™s paintings are may be found in private collections in France, United Kingdom, Spain, Belgium, United States.

Works - original oil paintings.
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