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Age - 60

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Alexander Otroshko know in Sochi as the most energetic and actively implements the artist himself. During his artistic career he has created thousands of paintings. He is always in motion, in development. How to change this artist, how to extend his artistic possibilities, enriched with new methods and techniques could watch visitors of its exhibitions. But there were, and remain constant quality in the corporate style Otroshko: avantyurno- carpal bold manner, decorative. One of the favorite themes of the artist is to Sochi - the city of the sun, dazzling bright colors and contrasts. Accordingly, the artist turns to the genre of landscape. Things we're guessing the characteristic silhouette, detail. The scope and depth are indicated by very tentatively, they pronounced drop of warm and cold tones. Color like playing with our perception: the bright colors argue, interrupt each other, merge in a lively polyphony. Despite the fact that the leader of the viewer's preference remains a traditional realism, which is also evident in the artist's painting of Alexander Ivanovich always has to itself and causes a positive response. The explanation lies in the type of personality of the artist, his upbeat attitudes, generosity, which is particularly manifested in the need to share this happy worldview through creativity. It is welcome at all times, so Alexander Otroshko is the closest fit Sochi and popular artist.

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