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Age - 59

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Herkasov Vladimir Vladimirovich
He graduated from the Art College with a degree in "Industrial graphics and advertising."
Lives and works in Moscow.
Member of the Russian Artists' Union.
It works as in the manner of classical realism (historical painting, landscape, still life, portrait) and using the techniques of modern painting.
His works are in private collections of members of the Government and the State Duma. A number of works acquired Novosibirsk Museum, Hong Kong galleries, Prague, Germany, and Poland.
He participated in the design of the inauguration of the Central Exhibition Hall "Manege" after reconstruction in 2005, other events and public holidays.
Presidential Decree was awarded the Order of Honor.

It is important that everyone, from the artist found his picture, especially if his work does not always fit into the framework of the usual everyday consciousness. Here, I primarily mean the painting surreal direction.
Surrealism, the only objective art form due to the fact that based on the subconscious.
It happened (as was supposed to happen!), That you have appeared on this page, and may you have something more than that ....
Surrealism, unfortunately, few understand. As a rule, such people ask questions like - "What do you mean by that?".
In this life it has nothing to meaning, in addition, what is the meaning you give it. Surrealism - imagination dictates of common sense. The thing is, what your mind is loaded. If it is not prepared, we may not notice much at all. It is as if the primitive man saw the inscription on the rock, she did not pay he would have no value to him, it would have been just some spots and stains.
In general, it's much easier. A. Breton once said: - "Surrealism around us ... When I take the newspaper, I see it on the same page and posts about wedding photos and obituaries What is not a sample of surrealist art.?".
And the songs? For example, Yuri Shevchuk (DDT) - "whistled and fell on the table, ate a little and rolled down the ashes ..." Sur? Of course, but that cool song. And these examples are enough. Not always and not everywhere it is necessary to search for meaning. It is more important to feel the mood, emotion get to see something of their own.
Many of course accustomed to seeing at the wall landscape with birch trees (it is basically normal, if the painting worthy), but I guarantee that this pattern after a short period of time will start to slide past your attention and none of who have come to you friends do not come to such a picture and starts an interesting debate.
In addition to the surreal, and placed other works of authorship, including those performed in collaboration with my colleague V.Aleksandrovym that generates ideas, well I embody it all on canvas. It works mainly by Czech subjects, t. To. In the moment we received the invitation to cooperation from several galleries in Prague and participation in exhibitions.
The last few years, with a great desire, take my orders and I write copies of paintings by famous artists, and they say "based on ..." (ie, at the request of the customer can change the proportions of the picture, something added, get out, move around, and so on. Etc. .) This work makes (equaling to great) to hone skills, learn techniques and methods of the old masters.
All submitted work (as well as any other, of any size, style and trends, such as the portrait) can be acquired, and if the work is sold, the order.
How to buy or order your favorite picture? Those who lived in Moscow, quite simply: - phoned, I pulled up a picture like it - buy it. Nonresident buyers usually stops the issue of pay and, in general ... I regularly send orders throughout Russia and abroad. I assure you, everything is very simple. Their wishes you write me an email or call, we obgovarivayem details and everything. The picture in solid packaging, delivery service will bring you home (having phoned in advance with you). And the question of payment is not a problem. If in doubt, it is possible to agree on delivery, ie. E. The money will give the courier who will bring you a picture.
Write to agree. It's much easier than it might seem.

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