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???????? ?????
Age - 52

Address: ??????, ??????

Was born in Ukraine in the city of Zhitomir.
Studied painting in Odessa and Moscow. My teachers were bright and extremely talented people - Vladimir Moravec and Savely Yamschikov.
My profession - to emphasize the natural beauty and draw it to the surface gently and tenderly, even where it is almost invisible.
My favorite subject in painting - water, flowers and portraits.
My favorite style of art - Expressionism, Art Nouveau and Art Deco.
As an artist, I prefer to work with live in-kind, even when writing still life.

Took part with my paintings in the international exhibitions in Geneva - PalExpo EuropArt 2008 and Paris Louvre - ArtShopping Carrousel du Louvre in 2009.
At the personal invitation of Sava Yamshikova repeatedly placed my pictures in the Exhibition Hall of the State Research Institute of Restoration Ministry of Culture.

Works - original oil paintings.
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