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Age - 50

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Natalia Gavrilova
Born Nov. 24, 1954 in Taganrog. In 1976 he graduated from high school, entered the TRTI.
Since 1995, engaged in creative activities. The main direction - painting.
From the first steps in art attracted the attention of eccentricity, freedom of artistic outlook and interesting technique.
The artist's work original, has its own view of the world.
In his pictures, not trying to photographically map the world and creates his own unique world.
The works involve the dynamics, emotion, sensuality.
Gavrilova, NV - An artist who knows how to listen and hear the time, owned the line and color, has an individual style of performance.

During this time, actively participated in the exhibitions organized by the Union of Artists of Russia Taganrog. Made a number of private and foreign exhibitions.
Since 2010 he has worked with the American gallery NEW YORK REALISM, participated in the following exhibitions this gallery.
?«SPRING BLOSSOM?» 3-21 March 2010.
?«INNOVATIVE REALISM?» 15-30 September 2010
?«KALEIDOSCOPES OF COLOR?» 16-31 October 2010
Participated in an international competition AN INTERNATIONAL FINE ARTS JURIED EXHIBITION ?«THE INTERNATIONAL WAVE OF FINE ARTS?» Category FANTASY received a silver medal for his work "Pelicans". Special prize - a gold medal from the American Society for wading birds for work "Flamingo".

Works - original oil paintings.
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