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??????? ????????? ???????
Age - 33

Address: ?????????, ?????????

I was born in the city of Karaganda in 1978 on January, 8th, I have higher education. Since 1997 in my life changes began to occur. Often listening to space music, I have wakened in myself the maximum consciousness of love to the nature and space, I gradually began to concern in another way to this fine world, this inexplicable infinite space of space began to pull me, stars bewitched me the light the thin and vital energy, I have started to comprehend the life: what for I here? Who I? I have started to read the spiritual literature, to me the spiritual meaning of the life of the person on this ground and where I would not read about spiritual growth opened, everywhere has been told to cease to eat animals (meat).

In 1998, in the autumn, I became the vegetarian, my creative work has begun with it and, after the first year of stay in a condition of the vegetarian I began to feel more strongly the nature and space, the nature began to open to me the secrets, I became more strongly more thin to feel a life of our planet, my love and harmony to the nature with each month increased all more and more, I began to see energy of trees, began to feel a life and breath of each alive essence, and here there has come that moment when I once in the evening looking in the window in the sky in expectation of occurrence of the first stars, I have felt bent for to paints and pencils. It wanted to me to draw, I and have acted. And here the first paints on a pure leaf of a paper have laid down, I have started to draw space in the pictures, energy of the nature, communication of the person with the nature, etc. With each next day I improved the creativity. During drawing I feel that my hand and a body the nature and space operates, opening the secrets invisible to a usual sight of the person.
In 2003 I became ???????.
I do not give names to pictures, the reason that would be desirable me that the person looking at a picture did not limit the thinking to the name of a picture that it could mix freely, in paints and images opening for myself something new and novel. Already almost 8 years I draw pictures on this theme, and have been much told pleasant and even unexpected words about my creativity, my works are clear to any age. I have noticed that better my pictures are perceived by people whom the people, possessing ???????????????? abilities look more often at stars, especially clairvoyants and healers, that is, they see and feel the energy proceeding from my pictures which is capable to cure and clear the person of a negative, giving it unusual feeling of freedom of a body and soul.
My Purpose:
To show all world the pictures that each person could glance in world of the nature unusually attracting by the mystery and space.
To propagandize a healthy, spiritual way of life and love to the nature.

Works - original oil paintings.
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