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???????? (????????) ???????
Age - 28

Address: ??????

Lives and works in Sochi.
Graduated from Tomsk state pedagogical University (Institute of culture, specialty fine art) under the guidance of Professor, Honored artist of Russia Lazareva S. P..
2015 ??” h/V. Member vtoo ???Union of Artists of Russia??«, Member of MAYI ??” IAPA UNESCO.
2010 ??” 2013 member of the youth Association, RTOO "Tomsk Union of artists of Russia" (Tomsk).
2009 ??” 2013 ??“ member of the interregional youth creative group "BRIDGE" (Novokuznetsk).
Participant and winner of all-Russian, interregional, international, group and other exhibitions since 2009
Works are: KGBY "Krasnoyarsk cultural-historical Museum complex" (Krasnoyarsk), LOGBOOK "United memorial Museum of Y. A. Gagarin" (Yuri Gagarin), MUK "Museum of art Sochi" (Sochi) and in private collections in Russia, Canada and Ukraine.
2009 ??” the Winner in the section a unique schedule IV inter-regional youth art exhibition "AZ.Art.Siberia ??“ 2009", Barnaul.
2010 ??” "Grand Prix" 2nd International festival of contemporary art "My Ugra", in the nomination "fine arts, design, fashion", "graphic", category a, "Triptych" (Chairman of the expert jury ??” M. M. Shemyakin), Khanty-Mansiysk.
2010 ??” Winner in the category "Artistic gift of Tomsk", Tomsk.
2012 ??” Laureate of III degree in the category of unique graphics on the III International Biennale "My Ugra" (Khanty-Mansiysk) and the decision of the Secretariat vtoo "Union of artists of Russia" (Moscow) was awarded with the diploma "For successes in creativity and the promotion of the fine arts of Russia".
2015 ??” Grant for the project "mobile I all-Russian youth exhibition "Liner-2016" by passenger and cargo ferry across the Kerch Strait, dedicated to the reunification of Crimea and Sevastopol with Russia" all-Russian educational youth forum Tavrida in Bakal spit 2015.
2016 ??” the Diploma of I degree in the nomination "Graphics" ??” "mobile all-Russian youth exhibition "Liner ??” 2016".
Eugene is constantly experimenting in painting and drawing. In her creative works is an important part of the symbolism of the hidden images the author's technique, where the real world is perceived as a world of images, symbols and feelings. One of the goals of the author is the achievement of harmonization of an image by creation of certain color combinations and geometric shapes. The author seeks to convey on a subconscious level, his feeling: "Life is much richer than its external manifestation." Paintings of Evgenia unique in its design and technique, her works are filled with energy and magnetism.

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