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??????? ??????? ??????????
Age - 57

Address: ??????, ??????

The artist - the basic my trade throughout last twenty years. Creation of visual images for me isn't so much way of earnings of material benefits and the statement in a society, how many the basic way of expression of the emotions. I work divergently: landscapes of the nature, a city landscape, genre compositions, a portrait, satirical allegories, a list of walls, etc. - Favourite ???????:???????? painting-brush, a palette knife; a water color; pencil drawing. Styles - depending on a task in view, but it is more inclined to realism, sometimes to impressionism. - Interests: I like to observe life in all its displays and (in process of possibilities) to reflect the impressions in the form of visions. I go on our country in search of new themes much. - I Write also pictures to order on the presented samples, on photos of customers or by results of discussion with the customer and made on the basis of it sketches and sketches. - I Write also portraits if the initial image causes interest. I do all with observance of the technology fulfilled by centuries providing good safety of pictures under condition of their appropriate storage. All work I carry out manually, without application of copiers and devices that gives to the executed work unique originality inherent only in it. - Almost all my works are got by private fans of the fine arts, both domestic, and foreign. From the last the greatest interest to my creations is shown by citizens of Germany, the USA, England, Juzhn. Korea, Yugoslavia (Serbia), and also Japan, Spain, Italy and France. - the Majority of the exhibition actions which do not have a direct commercial exit, doesn't cause in me interest, therefore I participate in them seldom

Works - original oil paintings.
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