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Eye and Cross
Igor Orlov paintings are filled with prehistoric energy of initial form creation and cosmogony birth of the prime visible world elements. The chaos of massive paint torrents is an element on its base, directed by the artist??™s hand. His monumental works seem to form a single huge fresco, while their abstract core is aimed to reveal the invisible essence of the world in its unconditional form.
Diverse combinations of black and white give space to rhythmic repetitive structures, conditioned by the gesture painting technique. The very process of creation is of high importance.
The procedure is dear to the artist who perceives a painted form as an organic component of the outer world. He relies on his inner voice reaching a state of trance and meditation so that the forms that he depicts may follow and resemble the inner captured matrix.
Achiropoeta (not made by hands) quality of the works that seem to be printed or revealed due to a nearly alchemic process between paints and basis is also essential to the artist, who understands painting as a confession monologue.
He keeps repeating the same prime forms, the cross and the circle appear as basic archaic structures in massive ecstatic paint flows and are perceived tactilely. The image stands out of obscure shroud depth and changes through meeting the light air.
The works are united in groups of two or three, resembling altar polyptychs, revealing the geometric primacy behind the art of Igor Orlov.
Gleb Ershov

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