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????????? ?????? ????????
Age - 34

Address: ????????, ?????

Was born on the 5 th september, 1976, in Braslav, Vitebsk region, Belarus.
Graduated from secondary school and an arts school in1993 in Eniseysk, Krasnoyarsk region,Russia.
1994 -1998 Colledge of Arts, Department of Painting (Homel, Belarus)
1999- 2005 Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Department of Painting (Minsk, Belarus)
2005 -2008 works in a M.Savitsky's Art studios (Minsk, Belarus)

-- Regional art exhibition of young artists, Homel

-- Regional art exhibition - competition, "The music of Hope", Homel
-- Regional art exhibition, Homel

-- The exhibition of young artists in Sokolovsky's college, Homel
-- Personal exhibition in the Palace of Rumyantsev-Paskevitch, Homel

-- Regional art exhibition, Homel
-- Republican art exhibition "Under the white wings", which was held in commemoration of Byalinitsky-Birulya's
125th anniversary celebrations, Minsk
-- Regional art exhibition, Homel

-- Regional art exhibition, Homel, Mozyr

-- Republican art exhibition "Palesye". The Palace of Arts, Minsk

-- Exhibition in Myonhennglaadbah, Germany

--Exhibition in the Embassy USA, Minsk

-- Personal exhibition in the Embassy USA, Minsk
-- the Republican exhibition « Are new hour » (the Palace of Arts), (an exhibition of the young artists who have ended the Belarus state academy of arts in 2002-2007.
--Republican exhibition "Debut"
--the International festival of the modern art « ??? - 9 », Minsk
--the Youth exhibition (the Palace of Arts)
-- Open-air on Don, within the limits of the Russian-Belarus cultural-historical project « Novocherkassk - the Mir, XIX - XXI centuries » (catalogue)

Works are in private collections of Austria, Germany, Holland, Poland, the USA, Russia, China.

Works - original oil paintings.
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