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????????? ???????? ??????????
Age - 51

Address: ?????? ????????

Was born 26??????? 1959?. In 1989-has ended ????, is art-graphic faculty. Since 1995 a member of the Union of artists of Russia. The painter.


Since 1985 the constant participant of regional and youth art exhibitions.
1991, 1993, 1995, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003, 2004 - personal exhibitions (in the Belgorod state art museum, the Belgorod state istoriko-museum of local lore, Showroom ????, in a hall of administration of area, Pushkin library, Children\\\'s art school, in Alekseyevka, in with. ???????? etc.).
1993 - a group exhibition «Russia leaving», Belgorod.
1995 - the Russian exhibition of \\\"50 years of the Victory», Belgorod.
1996 - an exhibition of participants of the International open-air, of Opole (Poland).
1997 - VIII th regional exhibition «Artists of the Central areas of Russia»,
1998 - an interregional exhibition \\\"Edge Chernozemnyj\\\", Voronezh.
1998 - an anniversary exhibition to the 30 anniversary BOSCH.
1999 - the regional exhibition devoted to the 200 anniversary from the date of a birth of Ampere-second. Pushkin.
1999 - the All-Russia exhibition \\\"Revival\\\", Kostroma.
1999 - an exhibition «the Belgorod artists in Bryansk», Bryansk.
1999 - the All-Russia exhibition «Boldinsky autumn», Moscow.
1999 - a regional exhibition «the Artist and model», Belgorod.
2000 - an exhibition of participants of an open-air of the Russian artists, Ryazan.
2000 - the branch of the All-Russia exhibition «is devoted to Defenders of Fatherland»,
2000 - the regional exhibition devoted to the 2000 anniversary A.D.
2000 - the All-Russia exhibition «to your Name ???», Moscow.
2002 - an exhibition of the Belgorod artists in St.-Petersburg.
2002 - an inter-regional art exhibition «Youth of Russia», Bryansk
2003 - the All-Russia art exhibition \\\"Heritage\\\" devoted to slavic writing and culture and the 300 anniversary of memory of prelate Mitrofanija, Voronezh.
2003 - the Russian art exhibition devoted to the 60 anniversary of the Victory in fight on the Fiery arch, Belgorod.
2003 - the International art exhibition, devoted Bjalynitsky-birule,
Mogilyov (Belarus).
2003 - IX regional art exhibition «Artists of the central areas of Russia», Lipetsk
2003 - the Exhibition of modern landscape painting \\\"Green noise\\\", the Reach of the Ivanovo area.
2003 - the Anniversary exhibition devoted to the 35 anniversary of creation BOSCH, Belgorod
2004 - the All-Russia art exhibition «Russia - X»
2004 - 1st regional exhibition of drawing, Belgorod.
2004 - an exhibition «Artists of Belgorod», Moscow.
2005 - the International art exhibition devoted to the 60 anniversary of the Victory in the Great Patriotic War, Moscow.
2005 - an exhibition-competition to the Victory 60 anniversary in the Great Patriotic War, Belgorod.
2005 - 2nd All-Russia art exhibition \\\"Revival\\\" devoted to the 300 anniversary
Prelate Ioasafa Belgorod, Belgorod
2007 - the Exhibition \\\"In sacred places\\\", ???????, Lipetsk, Moscow.
2007 - the Exhibition \\\"Artists of Belgorod\\\" Kharkov (Ukraine)
2006 - the All-Russia art exhibition «Image of the Native land», Vologda
2007 - the Exhibition of nominees on the award of the Central Federal district Russian Federation in the field of the literature and art, Moscow.
2008 - ? the Regional exhibition of the central areas of Russia Yaroslavl.
2009 - ?I the All-Russia exhibition of Moscow.

It is awarded by Diplomas of the All-Russia creative public organisation «Union of artists of Russia», the All-Russia art exhibition \\\"Heritage\\\".
The participant of the International slavic open-airs «????????-2000», «???????-2001», the International open-air in of Ryazan (2002), the International open-air devoted Bjalynitsky-birule «the Academic summer residence», ?????? ??????? (2003)
1996, 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, 2002, 2003 - creative trips to St.-Petersburg, in Pushkin places (the Pskov area), in the Kaliningrad, Ryazan, Vologda, Kostroma, Tver areas, on ????????????

Works - original oil paintings.
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