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Oleg Popov
Age - 49

Address: Russia, Mozdok

Let me introduce myself)
Hi! If you are reading these lines, that probably means that my paintings raised your interest. Thank you for your attention. About myself, in short. Was born in 1962. Grew up, live and work in Mozdok (Russia, North Caucasus, Republic of North Osetiya - Alaniya). Graduated from four-year art academy. Professional journalist. But this remained in the past. In 2003 suffered a spinal cord injury as a result of an accident. Thereafter ??“ disabled in a wheelchair. Education - high, philological. Russian by nationality. Professionally paint since 2007. I use finger technology painting ??“ cannot yet hold a brush in my fingers... I use one finger only to apply oil on canvas and grounded wood-fiber plates. How successfully I am managing this technique ??“ is to be judged by you. The participant of five personal exhibitions. Received art prize and diplomas))). The art prize (1st place) was from the art contest among Russian artists with limited possibilities in Pushkin, devoted to the 300 anniversary of imperial village. Normally, I am online daily between 8-12PM Moscow time (6-10PM CET).

Works - original oil paintings.
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