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???????? ?????? (Yaroshevich Andrey)
Age - 41

Address: ??????, ?????-?????????

Yaroshevich Andrey, born Oct. 23, 1969 in Leningrad. He studied at the Art School of the Repin Institute, but received no recommendation for entrance competition in the said Institute and his academic education was broken.
Afterward he served in the army, dabbled in some perspective and not very promising professions, was fond of sports. A strong influence on the life of the author has left then he lived in abandoned villages in the Novgorod region - hence the habit of not going to work.
Traveled to Siberia, Altai, Central Asia, Europe and Egypt, worked in the expeditions.
For some time he lived in Israel. Under pressure of society and the state because of his Christian faith, \\\"shifted\\\" toward the Arab realm and culture. Visited the Western territory, lived in the Arab sector of Jerusalem, and in the Bedouin village Isfya in the north part of the country.
He graduated from the University of Haifa (Faculty of Archaeology) and worked in research programs as a junior research specialist. In the end, leaving the master\\\'s degree, he returned to Russia and took up live of a free artist, engaged in drawing and painting.
Although the artist uses the traditional materials, he attempts to penetrate into the essence of things. Sometimes he creates ready-made objects.
Andrey declared his teachers were the painter Vladimir Frentz and sculptor Mikhail Kozakov.
Not really appreciates civilization, the artist prefers wild places and a living mostly in the Crimea and the Novgorod region, sometimes call on St. Petersburg.


Creative Union of Artists ???IFA??« : ???Russian view on Italy??«, ???Music in Art??«, 2004.

Artists Union of Russia: ???Autumn??« 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005.2007 years; ???Spring??« 2004.

St.-Petersburg ???Manege??«: the exhibition ???Artists of St. Petersburg??«: 1999.2000, 2004, 2005, 2006,2007,2008 years.; Project ???Dialogues??«, 1999.; ???2nd International Exhibition of animalistic art??«, 2004.

Group Exhibitions:

???Echo of Village ???M??« ...??« (together with artists I. Yaroshevich, U. Gussev and O. Dumova), at the ???Manege??«, a group exhibition dedicated to the village Maksimkovo, 2003.

???The Post I??« (together with O. Dumova) at the Museum of Urban Sculpture, 1999.

\\\"Artists from Russia??« (together with O. Dumova and C. Berenstein) at the ???Center of immigrant artists??« Dizengoff, Tel Aviv, Israel, 2000.

???Ehxibition 2001??« (together with O. Dumova and C. Berenstein) at the gallery ???Ottentot??«, Haifa, Israel, 2001.

???Exhibition of works??« (together with O. Dumova) at the Museum of Urban Sculpture, 2002.

???Weinberg and co.??« (with M. Weinberg, and C. Berenstein) at the Museum of Urban Sculpture, 2007.

???From Matthew??« (with I. Yaroshevich, U. Gussev, N. and M. Mazrukho) at the ???Neva Gate of the Fortress??«, 2007.

???On Wheels??« (with M. Weinberg, C. Berenstein and E. Gorokhovaya) at the ???Pushkinskaya 10??«, in the project ???Greenhouse??« of E. Konovalova, 2008.

???Exit??« (with E. Gorokhovaya) at the ???Pushkinskaya 10??«, in the project \\\"Greenhouse\\\" of E. Konovalova, 2009.

Personal exhibition:
???4??«, the ???dBosch studio??«, Haifa, Israel, 2010.

Collage ???Israel??«, the exhibition ???Homeland??« in the center of contemporary art ???Pyramida??«, Haifa, Israel, 2010.

The works of Andrey Yarashevich are in the collection \\\"Erarta\\\" (the Museum of Contemporary Art of St. Petersburg),

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