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??????????? ????? ??????????
Age - 47

Address: ??????,??????.

Anvar Sayfutdinov was born in Kazani in 1963. Okonchil Kazanskoe artistic school. The Moscow State artistic institute im. Surikova. Being student, created the gentile nostalgic plots about antiquities Bulgar, household genealogy ( Girl beside bulgarian source , Grandmother ). A Certain time learned;learnt in graduate school of the Russian Academy Art under the direction of X. A.YAKUPOVA.

At the beginning initially 90-h Anvar concerns with exhibition activity in Moscow, is invited in America. The Purpose of the trip was shown visit the Building- museum N.I.FESHINA (TAOS), where him ??????? of the artist I.N.BRENHAM was offered to do the independent exhibition. The Exhibition has exceed all waiting. The Artist offer be exposed in gallery g.Denver Terner-Art Galleri . There he is exposed twice. The Creative activity young ??????????? of the artist gets popularity, but work fresh and original, are gained collector. So begins their spreading on the world. The Judge ?????????? decorative briskness of the paints in combination with national spirit.

With mediums 1990-h years A.SAYFUTDINOV emerges as participant and leader of the youth creative group artist Dastan , ???????? for rebirth of the national heritage and west-east syntheses in art. In this time, with the other participant of the group he realizes the painting of the ceiling of the Big concert common-room Kazanskoy conservatories. Ornamentalinaya innovative work was noted honourable ???????? mayor of the city and president to Russia. Worked on tatar abc in picture, on illustration of the old testament, series of the work VWVappear in the dreams , as well as ???????????? series pictures and portrait.

The especial place occupies In creative activity Anvara Sayfutdinova feminine portrait. This and person real, ??????? today womans, placed in fantastic, fairy-tale atmosphere and images imaginative image, ??????????? unearthly glow, as well as multiple nyu , interpreted as flashes of mysterious power of the nature, expression ??????????????
The Beauty national suit and anthropologies, matches in creative activity of the artist with unique vision of the genre of the traditional still life. The Flowerses and herbs ???????? upwards, in space, not in look longed for ??????????????? of the bouquet, but as ????????? single, precious, music of existence which and creates the harmony holistic ????????? world.

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