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??????? ?????? ???????
Age - 59

Address: ???????????

The painter, the theatrical artist, the set dresser, the property man, the artist-fashion designer-designer on clothes, headdresses and leather dry goods, the designer on creation of a computer machine embroidery, the photographer beginning the computer designer ??? Personal exhibitions in Omsk, Novosibirsk, Tomsk, the winner of an exhibition in Moscow in ???? V.S.Vysotsky (2012?.) and exhibitions «Baraonda» (1 Award) in St.-Petersburg (2013?.), 1 award and Gold medal is awarded. The participant and the winner of the international competition-exhibition in New York in gallery Mathettena WestparkArtGallery, gold medal Golden Eagle in category Surrealism (April 2013? is awarded.). The participant of the Moscow international festival «Traditions and the Present», the exhibition passed in the Central House of the Artist in Moscow (the Crimean Shaft, 10) in June 2013?. The publication in the book «the Russian Art 2013». The participant and the winner of VI international a modern art exhibition-competition «St.-Petersburg Week of Arts». 1 place in painting competition, in a nomination «Portraits in vanguard style» is awarded. Competition passed (July 2014?.) in the exhibition centre of the St.-Petersburg Union of Artists (Big Sea, 38). The Basic object of creativity are not the events occurring in a life and even not reality, and impressions, experiences, emotions, reflexions, desires, dreams, sounds ???, private world. These are pictures for long examining. Implied sense, dual images, demand quiet, philosophical perception.

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