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Age - 51

Address: ???????, ??????

Irena Aizen was born in Russia.
Grown up in a family of artists, she is the third generation of artists in her family.
In 1981, Irena graduated in arts from Yaroslavl Art college.
In Russia, she worked as an illustrator in a book publishing house.
Since 1990, she has lived in Israel.
Her artworks are represented in
the Museum of Russian Art (Jersey City, USA),
the Naive Art Museum of Latvia (Riga),
the Tula Museum of Fine Arts (Russia),
Galerie Natalie Boldyreff (Paris, France),
Tribes Fine Art Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel),
Art Gallery "Sarah 7" (Haifa, Israel),
and may be found as part of private collections in the USA, Australia, Germany, Russia, Israel, Great Britain, China, etc.

Irena says:
"I use images of animals to tell about people,
furthermore, certainly about relations between a man and a woman.
After all, we are all a bit animals...

Pyramids, that I create, have a philosophical and spiritual concept that reflects a balance of opposing forces in human life.
Each element of a pyramid is a symbol and has an implicit meaning.
For example:
- The bird symbolizes spirituality.
- The key is the answer to the questions.
The human desire for harmonious development is emphasized in the paintings. All elements of a pyramid are interconnected.
However, each viewer can find their own correlation of these elements."

Works - original oil paintings.
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