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????? (???????? ???????)
Age - 39

Address: ??????, ??????

Vlam y
(Fedorova Tatiana)
Art of Love.
"Power" picture.
Love - the most powerful, subtle energy
which easily dissolves
any negative, any dirt.
The artist, no matter whether it is a painter or a poet or musician or writer, or activist cinema - in the first place - it is responsible. Responsibility for the consequences that their art has on people.

My work confirm and approve such moral qualities of Man, as Love, Joy, Kindness, Sincerity, Trust, Prosperity, Prosperity, Movement to all this.
In man, and look at my work, there are processes to strengthen these aspects of his soul. Respectively - began to implement the principle "Like attracts like" and in human life more and more start to happen, filled with Love, Joy, Kindness, etc.
Thus, prolonged contemplation of paintings improves mood, brings the soul and body in excellent condition, improves the atmosphere in the room, perfect life. The effect is increased when viewed as if through a picture. Particularly beneficial impact does show pictures of the music.
Picture of what I call "energy", and the direction of painting - "meditative painting" (Latin meditatio - meditate, contemplate. In the Western cultural tradition, the notion of "meditation" refers to acts of reflection, deliberation or reflection. In eastern ideas, meditation is a process through which achieved "enlightenment." Meditation is understood in the East as a growth process, giving the person a new experience in intellectual, philosophical and existential sphere. At a high level of mastering the techniques of meditation is possible to achieve the mental state characterized by neegotsentricheskim and intuitive type of thinking.)
Many people looking work, says he feels a strong positive impact. Even began to receive feedback about healing.
For many years studying various practices that enhance and re-emerging human abilities - that it gave impetus to the creation of this area of painting.
... My works are not of the mind, not through the head, and, as a bud from the higher realms. Trace left by each stroke of the brush - the discovery and revelation for me the most ...

About the author:
Vlamy (Fedorova Tatiana) - artist, certified master of creativity, an honorary member of the club IASP in Natural Sciences, winner of the international prize "The talent and calling" global alliance "Peacemaker" by direction "meditative painting, peace activist movement.
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