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????? ???? ???
Age - 34

Address: ???????, ????

Was born in Dnepropetrovsk in 1976?. It was trained at professional artists
individually. Writes in style Spontaneous / Abstract painting. In the pictures Lei opens as not ordinary creative person. In the presented color sounding, in a refined rhythm of forms and lines, in an unexpected personal emotional pressure, in sensetivity and giving of a material which of purely physical condition turns to an element and a way of an embodiment of a creative impulse, it is felt boundless souls of the author. Lei finds a golden section not only by means of proportions, but also by means of the form and color. Its creations cooperate with the spectator, they as though speak with it, confirming pleasure of life, pleasure of all terrestrial, eternity of movement and growth in the nature.
It was exposed in galleries of Dnepropetrovsk, in Kiev: in galleries: "Art Life", Pinchuk Art Centre, "Antressol", "Wunjo-Art", "Jam", "AGORA-Gallery".
Now the artist on demand of modern galleries has passed to the big sizes of canvases.

Works - original oil paintings.
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